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Here are pics of the 2 ex LMS Sidelines kitchen cars I've built & painted recently, along with 2 pics of an SR N class 2-6-0 which I bought from Ellis Clark just before the lockdown started and have fitted extra detailing (AWS, new chimney, etc) and repainted, with identity changed to an Exmouth Jc example.  Also attached is a pic of one of the Bulleid coaches I had built for me by an outfit whose name had better not be mentioned!  The pic shows it after I corrected a litany of errors and faults.  It (and the others supplied) required: fitting of new correct pattern corridor connections (Slaters), fitting of new handrails of correct pattern in corrected positions, fitting of beading to sides for 1957-67 period, full repaint with renumbering to correct running & set number, fitting of neodymium magnets internally to allow magnetic attachment of steel roofboards (the brass ones supplied were of poor quality quite apart from there being no means of attachment other than glue), and reconstruction of disintegrated interior.  To add insult to injury, I had to wait for over 2 years before these were delivered despite the relevant website stating 6 months!   I still have 2 of these coaches to deal with, which also require new (10 inch) window ventilators - the 15 inch ones supplied are incorrect and I've not been able to procure the correct 10 inch ones, even from the original supplier.   Abysmal service from a supplier I will never use again.  Moral is don't trust unknown suppliers!

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