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Although the Kinchley Lane layout represents a scene that would be typical of the early 1960s, a wide variety of rolling stock representing different periods from Victorian to the present day can be seen, ranging from scratch built to 'ready to run'.  All the rolling stock belongs to the members, and it is Club policy to accept all models that members and visitors wish to run upon the layout, irrespective of railway company or period.

The scenery is hand built.  The buildings are mainly based upon, or scale models of actual buildings on the Great Central Railway.  A few kit parts have been incorporated in the buildings for detailing and ease of construction

Click  to read about the development of the Kinchley Lane station buildings

Click  to read David Gibson's article on coach building

Click to read how Steve Young transformed the Heljan waste oil tank wagon

Click to view links to clips of running days filmed by Peter Shields.


Our fiddle yard is complete and ready for action!  .The track made its first public appearance on 23rd June at the 'RAILWAY DAY IN THE CITY' event at Carlisle Railway Station.  Click               to see more.  (More information about the test track development will follow soon).​

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