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First updates to Diag 1778 Full Brake under construction.

 (This is a Sidelines kit supplied by Malcolm Binns)

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1938 built Diag 1972 horsebox, model in sun bleached crimson circa 1955.


Compensated bogies with step board.

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1948 built Diag 2125 horsebox, model in crimson circa 1949.


1928 built D1778 Full brake under construction, updates to follow.

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Paul 3.jfif
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Prepared roof cut to length, squared ends, rain strip with ventilator positions drilled

Body with roof and floor, solebars in place.

Interior showing corner strengtheners, centre strengthener, body end roof supports. Roof super glued to body then spot welded with epoxy resin

Paul 5.JPG
Paul 6.JPG
Paul 7.JPG

Floor with sole bars fitted

Centre strengthener one of a number of spare etchings supplied by Malcolm.

Floor/body fixing bracket 6BA nuts soldered in place

Paul 8.JPG

Battery box side awaits handrails & door handles

Regulator box side awaits handrails & door handles

Underframe detail with bogies showing washers to correct height

Roof detail minus hand rails

1947 built Black5, model insignia circa 1949

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